• Business Seminars

    The Business Development Committee is bringing to all Chamber Members the opportunity to attend different training seminars throughout the year.



    April 15 ~ Jon Schallert Small Business Seminar
    “Increasing Sales & Profits As A Destination Business”
    Riverfront Event Center, 121 W. 3rd St.
    8-11:15 a.m. Workshop
    11:30 am. – 12:30 p.m. Lunch
    12:30-1:30 p.m. Marketing Roundtable
    1:30-2:30 p.m. Individual Business Consultations


    Tickets: $60 Chamber Members; $75 non-members – Register HERE.


    In this session, Jon explains his 14-step Destination strategy that can turn any business into a consumer magnet. Jon shows why “location, location, location” no longer matters and why waiting for your marketplace to reinvent itself fails the majority of the time. Owners will learn how most of the advertising and marketing dollars they spend are wasted, and how to create sales and customer traffic increases using marketing that customers believe. You will also learn:

      • How to create free publicity opportunities that get your business in newspapers, magazines, television, and online Web sites.
      • How to draw more customers to your business
      • How to leverage one asset in your business that no one else has that will instantly set your business and interior décor apart
      • How to get a customer to love your business in the first 7 seconds
      • How to elevate your business as an “expert” in your field
      • How to increase customer loyalty while maintaining profit margins, even if your competitors are using price discounting.


    Learn more on Jon Schallert at www.jonschallert.com.






    Speakers Bureau New to Yankton

    Yankton Toastmasters Club 1294 has created a Speakers Bureau for the purpose of providing a variety of interesting programs for local clubs and organizations.

    The Toastmasters Club’s goal is to not only provide this service for the community, but to also give their own members added opportunities for gaining experience and self-confidence, and to acquaint the community with the purpose of Toastmasters.

    Does your club or organization need one or more programs originating outside of your group? Click  HERE  for speakers and topics currently available.



    • (800) 888-1460
    • 803 E. 4th St.
    • Yankton, SD
    • 57078