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Board of Directors

Serving on the Yankton Thrive Board of Directors takes time and dedication. Throughout the year, this group of member volunteers represents the membership and leads the organization in policy, advocacy, member benefits, and so much more! The Thrive Board of Directors has four categories to help fulfill adequate representation from a variety of business types:

Fundamental Directors are appointed by their respective entities annually.

Amy Leon - Thrive Board Vice ChairCity of Yankton
Steph Moser, City of Yankton
Bridget Benson, City of Yankton
Don KetteringYankton County
Wayne KindleYankton School District
Marc LongMount Marty University
Mike Marlow, Marlow, Woodward & Huff, Prof. LLC

Foundational Directors represent entities with 50 or fewer full-time employees. (Term expirations are listed within the parenthesis).

Blake Carda, Buhl's Cleaners (2025)
Mandi Gause, Boston Shoes to Boots (2024)
Brad Hofer, Gerstner Oil Co. (2026)
Ken KopetskyKopetsky's Ace Hardware (2025)
Peggy OlsonSlumberland (2024)
Dan Specht - Thrive Board Vice ChairVision Real Estate Services (2026)
Brad WoernerStockwell Engineering (2025)

Cornerstone Directors represent the top ten investors in the previous capital campaign and/or the top ten Thrive membership due paying entities. (Term expirations are listed in the parenthesis).

Doug Ekeren - Thrive Board Vice Chair, Avera (2026)
James GrotenhuisCorTrust Bank (2026)
Jeff Loecker, Hydro (2025)
Kevin Moe - Thrive Board Chairfnbo (2026)
Steve SloweySlowey Construction (2024)
Rob Stephenson - Thrive Board Vice Chair, First Dakota National Bank (2024)
Brad WenandeNorthwestern Energy (2025)

At-Large directors can represent any Thrive member. (Term expirations are listed in the parenthesis).

Kelly Kneifl, Kneifl Tymber (2025)
David Lohse, Astec Industries (2026)
Lynn Peterson, Elkhorn Valley Bank (2024)
Barb Rezac - Thrive Board Vice Chair, Mount Marty University (2024)

Brian Steward, Yankton Thrive

*This is a non-voting position

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